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The Key to Realizing the Promise of Agile and DevOps

Companies embrace Agile development to increase collaboration and cut the time it takes to develop new software. But many companies face a sobering truth: Even with Agile, it still can take eight to 10 weeks for a developed feature to make it to production. Is this truly Agile? DevOps promises rapid delivery with increased reliability, however, DevOps isn’t the silver bullet. It needs help to fulfill its potential.

It’s Time to Adapt: QA and Test in a DevOps World

Agility and DevOps are transforming traditional SDLCs, forcing organizations to adapt. Leaders realize that realigning the people, processes and tools involved in quality assurance and test are required to deliver maximum business value.

The Fundamentals of DevOps

IT organizations across the globe are embracing a DevOps approach, allowing companies big and small to deliver software with unprecedented frequency, reliability and stability. Learn the essentials to help your team maximize this methodology to your advantage.

Six Key Traits of Successful Agile Business Analysts

Working effectively within an Agile software development environment requires unique professional behaviors. Agile Business Analysts, along with other team members, must be comfortable with constant change, closer collaboration and self-organized teams …

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