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Operational Maturity

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Moving to agile? Striving for DevOps?
Improve the processes, tools and skills required for change.

Need to improve current waterfall best practices? Moving to agile? Striving for DevOps? The collaboration and communication of software developers, QA, IT operations and business professionals is critical for success. Using our deep knowledge of current quality standards, software development methodologies, testing techniques and approaches, and tools, we ensure the processes used to produce and maintain applications are as smooth, capable, and mistake-free as possible. The goal is to ensure development processes are as lean and optimized as the code they’re meant to deliver. By improving process, you reduce failure costs, ensure timely delivery, and increase employee productivity.


The technology organization is a living, breathing organism and functioning efficiently depends on the health of all interconnected parts. Our Wellness Checks examine each individual function, tool, methodology and application—the entire anatomy of your organization. We develop a “health maintenance plan,” ensuring your organization is as fully functional and effective as possible.


SQA helps companies evolve from ad-hoc development to an optimized, governed process. Using our unique scorecard, we work closely with clients to identify how mature their practices currently are, determine what maturity level is realistic and achievable, then create a strategy that fits their business drivers, goals, and culture.

and Compliance

Deliver quality software and be compliant. SQA applies a risk-based approach to balancing software quality with FDA systems validation and compliance. Balancing time-to-market, quality and compliance, industry regulations, and patient/consumer safety is challenging. SQA has deep expertise servicing companies at all levels of maturity, from Fortune 100 to early stage clinical trials.

Skills Gap Analysis

SQA can verify if your software engineering workforce is appropriately skilled. We identify and assess skill gaps, then create an effective training plan to eliminate those gaps cost effectively. This typically results in improved employee satisfaction, higher retention rates and enhanced business performance.

Tools Analysis

SQA can help determine whether the right tools are in place, and if not, what the best available options are. By taking a structured approach to understanding how tools will support existing, new or updated processes, IT organizations can make large, long-term investments with confidence.

Metrics Analysis

Considering both quantitative and qualitative measures, SQA establishes the best metrics for consistent evaluation and performance improvement of the whole software development process as well as its individual parts. We identify which metrics should be included in reporting cycles.

Requirements Management

Better requirements can significantly improve project success. And a good requirements management process ensures needs and expectations set by the customer will be realized at production release. SQA can review your current requirements practices, develop an improved approach (process, templates, metrics, and tools), and provide the right resources for successful implementation. We have extensive experience with a variety of elicitation methods that are used to effectively gather requirements from stakeholders. By focusing on collaborative methods, management and measurement of requirements, progress communication, and cross-tool integration to trace and validate the delivery of requirements, we help our clients manage and complete projects as planned.

Ready, Set, Implement

Uncovering critical business drivers and identifying the appropriate level of process capability and maturity that fits your business model is a significant step forward. SQA can help bring you to the finish line with an actionable road map, appropriate resources and logical timeline for successful implementation. By consistently collaborating and communicating with your team, SQA can help you move from your current software development paradigm to a new, optimized one seamlessly.

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