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QA Automation

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Achieve high performance, ensure functionality
and deliver great user experiences.

Quality assurance and testing excellence are two of the most critical factors to achieving high performance, ensuring functionality and delivering a great user experience. At SQA, we can help you build and refine your software testing processes and achieve savings from economies of scale. We take a test-specific approach from start to finish. We help with careful planning, including test strategy, plan development and resource and skill alignment. During execution we methodically operate an application or system under a variety of pre-defined conditions. And, we provide oversight and management, including process adherence, communication plans and traceability matrices that ensure success over the long-term.

Functional Test

SQA has deep expertise working with clients to understand their broad range of enterprise technologies and environments. We use this knowledge coupled with a careful mix of coding and strategy to develop and implement functional testing frameworks that yield the best ROI while reducing redundant testing efforts.

Performance Management

We can help engineer high performance from the initial design phase through implementation and ongoing support. Is the application fast enough? Will it scale appropriately? Will it be costly to maintain? How long will it take to recover if it fails? Addressing critical questions early in the software development phase can help you avoid major setbacks and cost overruns.

Build and Release Automation

Curious about DevOps? Is your organization ready for a mindset shift in how your software is built, tested and released? SQA helps companies set up and embrace the power of build and release automation. We understand the implications this shift has on people, processes and tools, and can guide you to success.

Automation Readiness

Is your organization ready for automation?

SQA can help your organization uncover the best targets for automation. Our automation experts help select the right technical approach while ensuring you have the processes, artifacts and documentation in place for success. For further peace of mind, our automation prototypes prove all tests targeted for automation can, indeed, be automated. We have extensive experience writing automation scripts as well as building reusable frameworks, and have helped dozens of organizations streamline their software quality and testing processes with automation.

Test Management Tools Evaluation

Do you have the right tools in place?

Do you have the right testing tools in place for the right tests? SQA can evaluate your current environment and tools, determine effectiveness, and identify opportunities for improvement. We realize having the right tool is only part of the solution. Our experts understand the importance of standardizing and automating test management processes for economies of scale and consistency. By viewing test management tools and processes holistically, organizations benefit from reliable test results that provide better visibility and, ultimately, better decision making.

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