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SQA’s DevOps Accelerators are built specifically for organizations embracing agile. We help companies use a pragmatic approach to implementing agility with quality by first establishing an overarching goal of DevOps, then by focusing on continuous integration, fast feedback loops, automated deployment, and application release orchestration.

DevOps Strategy & Visioning

Increase collaboration and cut the time it takes to enhance, fix and develop software.

SQA’s experts have extensive experience transforming how organizations build and release code. SQA’s pragmatic and proven approach increases velocity while embedding quality and performance:

  • Empowering your teams with hands-on coaching

  • Fostering collaboration between development, QA and Operations

  • Instilling a culture of shared responsibility

CI/CD Implementation

Get changes implemented and into the hands of users in a fast, consistent and repeatable manner.

SQA’s CI/CD approach breaks down work into manageable chunks, leading to quick wins that help teams adopt and adapt to new capabilities over time. Our experts architect platforms and integrate tool chains for:

  • Automated builds

  • Continuous integration

  • Continuous testing and review

  • Automated deployment

Build & Deployment Automation

Automate build and deployment with feedback loops for speed and efficiency. Seamlessly deploy applications to production.

SQA’s experts utilize a hands-on approach to guide your distributed development and build management efforts. Our rich set of accelerators help your team:

  • Define consistent workflows for branching and merging

  • Implement CI through automated builds, implemented in a services- or container-oriented approach

  • Automate deployments through model-based approaches

  • Create purpose-driven, auto-provisioned environments

  • Implement triggers and notifications to drive collaboration and fast response.


Release Orchestration & Management

Orchestrate releases to production seamlessly and rapidly while ensuring enterprise visibility, end-to-end traceability and auditability.

SQA accelerators help yoimplement capabilities—from processes and practices to managing releases and change—through organizational design and tools. We enable your enterprise to deploy applications in a release pipeline with the ability to:

  • Move versions through defined stages, only forward

  • Manage efficient hand-offs

  • Integrate change control and governance with release management

  • Simplify and automate compliance

  • Integrate release status and provide organization-wide visibility.

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