Releasing a New Insurance SaaS Product

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Preparing for a Product Launch

To drive revenue growth and expand market share, a leading insurance company created a new supplemental insurance service to generate online quotes for healthcare professionals. Due to the competitive nature of the offering, customer experience was a critical quality imperative.

For speed and efficiency, the company chose a software-as-a-service technology stack for quote generation. But utilizing a third-party web application raised questions regarding how the new system would perform and behave under stress. Moreover, with an expensive and robust marketing effort underway, the company anticipated a substantial increase in website traffic and demand for the new service. With a go-live date looming and system performance deemed a key indicator of project success, they needed to prove their website and systems could handle increased traffic and complete a high volume of transactions with ease and elegance—before the launch. ​

Building a Performance Capability Focused on End Users

To gain confidence in the upcoming launch, the company engaged SQA to deploy a performance capability that would:

  • Assess current system state
  • Run performance tests based on real-world user activity
  • Monitor and assess performance in test and production
  • Remediate identified bottlenecks
  • And leverage best-in-class tools without expensive licensing or install/configuration

Within days, the team implemented appropriate load and monitoring tools and streamlined performance management processes. Keeping the end user experience in mind, the team developed and validated a usage model to mirror real-world end user activity and performance. By replicating critical periods during a “day in the life” of the systems, simulated usage models accurately depicted increased traffic scenarios. With complete visibility into system performance, the team quickly identified instances of system delays and inadequate response times. Based on these predictive findings, SQA outlined remediation activities that could be executed in time for the launch.

Applying SQA’s recommendations, the company implemented improvements to their overall systems architecture, enabling them to utilize their existing resources efficiently without incurring large expenses in infrastructure, environments or personnel. By successfully remediating both existing and potential performance bottlenecks, the company was able to avoid breaches in SLA contracts and customer dissatisfaction. The insurance giant released their new product to market with confidence, delivering an exceptional customer experience with no performance interruptions.

Planning for the Future

The company understood that assessing performance should not be a one-time event, and insightfully factored this into their new performance management discipline. To maximize the current effort, SQA’s team developed reusable artifacts and implemented repeatable processes, enabling the company to retest in the future with less effort and cost. They now have the ability to reassess system capacity as their products and user populations evolve. Given the reusability of SQA’s performance management framework and the company’s newfound ability to model “future states”, they are able to repeat performance activities as needed with increased efficiency and reduced cost. The organization can continue to provide new products and grow their customer base knowing their systems will scale and perform with ease.

Does your performance capability provide your team with peace of mind? Contact us to see how SQA can help your organization achieve its performance goals.

Does your performance capability provide your team with peace of mind?

SQA can help your organization achieve its performance goals.

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